Sunday, May 01, 2005

i'm showtime's bitch

Showtime might just be the death of me. Or more aptly put, may be the death of my graduate career.

I'm officially Showtime's bitch.

There is most obviously the L word. Then it introduced me to Queer as Folk. It made me stay up last semester way past my bedtime with my first viewing of Rodger Dodger, which, is a fucking brilliant movie. With a rather genius cast. Then it gave us the little gem of Fat Actress.

Sure at times offerings are uneven, but there is no other network that will provide such fabulous gay fare, and the indie films as well. It's not HBO, but I have stronger allegiances now with the programs on Showtime.

You might ask why am I bringing this up now? As I was channel surfing briefly while having a snack, and now with TiVo this is a rarer incidence, I found the channel was playing "Cutting Edge" which is one of my all time favourite movies.

The bright white lighting, the obvious cheap ass budget, the poor attempt at showing ice skating, all made awesome by Moira Kelley and my boyfriend at the time D.B. Sweeney. What a hottie at the time. Time in fact as not been well to him, but damn is he adorable in this role. In fact, Moira Kelley made out with two of my high school crushes, the other being Brendan Fraser at the time of "With Honors."

So now of course I have to have the movie on in the background because I can't ever not watch it because it's rarely on, much less so without the commercials and not on Oxygen.

Speaking of which, was playing "Out of Sight" at the same time, and is another movie that I fucking love, and actually have been meaning to watch for days. A brilliant adaption of an Elmore Leonard novel. Somehow George Clooney and J.Lo fucking sizzle and pretty much make the movie.

Must get back to my movie.

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Who's procrastinating???