Wednesday, May 25, 2005

update on cute intern


Cute Intern? Much, much, too young.

It was okay when we thought he was 22-ish and just graduated from college.

CHC and I just found out he won't be 21 for two more months and he's going to be a Junior in college.

Too. Young.

I now feel like a dirty old woman.

Though that doesn't mean I can't still look.


shortie said...

dude, he can't even take you out for a drink!

looking is okay, so long as he's over 18! otherwise it's just way too dirty.

Caren said...

dudeeeeeeeeeeeee he's younger than my boy & Niels' YOUNG.

karen said...

Lest I remind you Ms. C that he actually was 20 when you first started dating him and you were 28. Hmm. 25 and 20 hardly seems a big deal now, does it?