Tuesday, May 10, 2005

damn. you. pmf!

PMF was nice enough to send me a free CD sampler thing after she came to visit. I believe mostly because she loved this one CD that I got for free and so I gave it to her since she preferred it over me. And, of course because, you know, I'm awesome.

Anyway, this CD has been pretty awesome. It's gotten me up in the morning. It peps me up with the punk and rock. I'm not sure where she got it, but it fucking rocks.

The reason I'm cursing her? I'm now in love with new bands. Songs that I'm obsessed with, so I want to hear more, and this probably means I'm going to be buying CDs.

So damn you PMF, DAMN YOU!!!

Making me spend more money.

So, I might as well pimp while I can. The band The Stills, very cool, especially their song "Still in Love." They're on the same label as Bloc Party, who are being touted as the new indie band. It's a little ridiculous. And the Panthers.

stellastarr* is another band on the CD.

Damn you PMF! I hope you're happy!


PMF said...


My evil plan worked!

shortie said...

pmf is evil

Anonymous said...

evil...she's the diet coke of evil!

i'm back and have lots of reading to do!

karen said...

You're going to make me broke woman:)!!

Why aren't you posting on your blog, eh?

Anonymous said...

karen--you know it's really inconsiderate of you not to keep posting when you know that i'm trying to procrastinate :)

(hope you're doing well!)

PMF said...

i consider it payback for all the addictions you've given me.

and stoking the fire of me wanting an ipod so very much.

and i posted today so there
i'm just so funny or clever

the diet coke of evil, huh? i'll show you all!! *goes back to secret lair*