Saturday, April 30, 2005

seriously. what am i doing?

Things I do when I get totally stressed out?

Okay, so I've posted about the procrastination problem. So yes, if that was your answer, it is indeed the overarching theme. Last week it was specifically looking for a rehearsal dinner necklace, which begat a search for my 'every day' necklace. Sigh. Hours wasted. Though at least it ended in CBF buying me an awesome and totally unneccesary necklace. I love CBF.

Not only though do I procrastinate with work, but coupled with stress I have a spending problem. Especially when I don't really have money to be spending on actually buying things. The wedding is pushing me into the red, and I can't stop myself from spending money. Like, "hey, I don't have it anyway, might as well see how close I can go to actually having a negative number in my bank account!" So all three factors of stress, procrastination, and not having money are really a massive force of behaviour to deal with.

Tonight? It's buying albums on iTunes. It began with looking for singles that I wanted to buy. One of which is Howie Day's "Collide." The problem is that he has an exclusive album on iTunes where the song, Collide, which I wanted to buy also has an acoustic version which you can only get with the album. So then I listened a little and was about to buy it. Then I decided not to because it seemed too mainstream for me. For some reason, I have real disdain currently for 'mainstream' radio songs.

Then I was like, well if I'm going to buy an album I should buy an album I've been thinking about for awhile. Especially since I couldn't think of just one song that I wanted. So I then spent like 20 minutes between two Cure albums. They both had 18 songs, they both had like the 6 major songs that I wanted. There were like 3 differences.

Difficult. Time Consuming Choices.


At least I have a kicking new Cure album.


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