Wednesday, April 06, 2005

not dead yet

I could be talking about this blog.

I could also be talking about my beautiful, wonderful, and well...dead-ish computer.

The backlight to my wonderful PowerBook blew this weekend. We're talking about a 6 month old computer. We're also talking about serious fucking crunch time in term time. The term ends at the beginning of May and I have a massive amount of writing to do until then and my laptop is going to be gone for two weeks.

At least that's what the dickwad at the Genius Bar told me. He was so fucking flippant that I wanted to slap him. Plus he was helping me and this other girl at the same time. It's like dude, I know you might be trying to show off, but I think it would indeed more expedient if you were to one of us at once rather than doing both of us at the same time. He also didn't seem to really care that my computer backlight blew.

He tried to do the reset move, and then realized that my screen still wasn't showing. His very serious and professional assessment? "Your backlight is blown." No. Fucking. Kidding. I know! He seemed flummoxed. He then had the audacity to look at my computer and ask if I dropped it.

Hello!?! McFly!!! I still have the cushioning styrofoam on the inside and there are no scratches. I treat that computer better than I would a newborn baby. There are Rules Dammit! for everyone, plus me, in getting near my computer and using it as well. I was a little indignant in my response and he looked like he didn't believe me. Dickwad.

He then asked if I bought it from them. "Yes." Did you buy it from this store? "Yes!" Fix my damn computer! It's Apple's fault. Not mine.

Then Genius Bar Boy was all, so, you know that your computer is going to be blank when you get it back right? You're going to be okay with that? What?!? No! I was so pissed. I was like, um, I have my songs and my school documents and Office and everything. He was like, okay so you'll probably want to back that up. Of course to the tune of 50 dollars. Sons of fucking bitches.

Dear Apple,

I love you. I do. You're pretty. You're ususally reliable, and I did pay an arm and a leg to get extra insurance this past weekend. Thanks for those extra $ better be worth it. But seriously? Charging for backing up data? Assholish. Hiring dickwads who think they're all that? You might want to cut back on that.

Your concerned customer,



Caren said...

I think you should write to Apple & complain, especially about the dickwad customer service dude. Apple prides itself in good customer service and obviously this guy FAILED.

Jane said...

You treated that computer better than most treat their children! What a dick! I remember the RULES, I think you made me SHOWER for chrissake! I agree with Caren that you should write them. Hell, maybe they'll throw in some free iTunes or something. Apple's supposed to be friendly!