Wednesday, March 23, 2005

happy early easter!

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day, and so I figured that I would post this previous to Easter and I didn't have a chance at work to post. Because, you know. I should probably be workings since I'm taking a long holiday.

Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays, and in Geneva the Easter Vigil service was always my absolute favourite services of the year. It was just a special ceremony and fun social time afterwards.

Since college though, Easter has became my favourite holiday. I mean Christmas is great and blah blah blah whatnot, but for me it's really about being with my family rather than Christmas. It also is really stressful, though hands down I can't deny how much I love the Christmas market. Distinction? Not the actual Christmas day. Plus, there's always that semi-empty feeling afterwards, where it's over and you're sad that it finally is over, and everyone's just sitting around not quite sure what to do. Hint: Gluhwein can never go wrong.

Freshman year though, I went home with B for Easter, and I discovered a whole new world of Easter. I didn't quite enjoy the service as much, but the actual weekend is awesome. I mean that first Freshman year Easter was awesome because essentially all of B's family came up to her family's house for Easter because her grandparents still lived there at the same time, so it was a massive, loud, alcohol infused weekend off the bat.

Since then, unfortunately family members don't really travel across the US for Easter, and her grandparents no longer live there, but there are still the traditions. And that's pretty much what made Easter so awesome the first time. From the preparation of all the 'necessary' dishes such as the Bunny Rolls, Artichoke dip, Cheesy Potatoes, Rum Cake and MORE. It's a gourge fest, but it's fucking awesome. And. Of course. The Egg Toss. The front yard egg toss, and of course, over the house egg toss. The Easter egg hunt. The Easter basket hunt in the morning where we're all hungover from going out the night before and trying to decipher the clues. It's all awesome.

That's why I'm posting about the best holiday ever. And I'm off tomorrow night after class.


The one catch? I've still to finish my midterm due Monday morning.


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