Thursday, March 03, 2005

end of an era

I had the unfortunate experience of having to talk to the Most Annoying Aquaintance Ever; the only reason that I keep talking to her is because I'm always worried that maybe I'll need to use her for her car, or you know if everyone moves out of the city I would still have a friend.

I also just feel bad because she's that annoying, and I don't think that she has that many 'real' friends. I've found out through multiple forays into happy hours and her personal stories that people are her friends, but not really. Essentially they all think she's annoying and crazy. One time my friend and I were at a party, and met someone that was an alum at her college and we were all, 'do you know MAAE?' This person reacted with horror and disgust. MAAE's alma mater is pretty small, so it wasn't suprising that she was 'known' by this person.

She's not a horrible human being, so it's easier to be annoyed and feel sorry for her, and never really stick a fork in her, you know?

Anyway, MAAE is on the phone with me at work, and I'm semi-listening as usual, until she hits me with the Worst. News. Ever.

Krupin's Deli has closed.

Brace yourselves. Krupin's is The. Best. Deli. Ever. I guess I should rather say was, but you get the drift. Stretch and I used to frequent Krupin's for brunch almost every Sunday. It was awesome. My mom though I was going to take my grandmother there when she came to visit, and the first time CBF came she asked if I took him there. I mean even my mother knew how much we loved this place.

After I took the LSAT's my friend, who I still have think of a nickname...let's just go with Bridezilla for the moment...and I love you dearly B, and MAAE picked me up, and the first place we went to was Krupin's to help me through that trauma.

Krupin's made you feel like a regular. Or, maybe we just were regulars. Either way, the Blintz's rocked, the potato pancakes were awesome, and I loved the Reuben's. Stretch and I would regularly gorge ourselves. Especially on the free refills of sodas. There is never enough Diet Coke.

I'm still in mourning. It's now Mr. K's New York Deli, and MAAE informs me that the menu has changed, and they've painted the walls different colors. What the fuck?

One of the best parts was that this deli had been in DC for years and the walls were lined with photographs of regular families and famous people. It was a slice of a genuine New York Jewish Deli down to the bowl of pickles on the table.

One time, and I swear it could have been Krupin himself served Stretch and I. We were hungry and slightly hungover and so we ordered appetizers and a main meal. I ordered the potato pancakes and a Reuben whilst Stretch ordered Blintzes and a Salmon platter.

He was supposed to bring out our appetizers first, but instead brought out all four plates at once which meant it was this fucking buffet of food that even to us looked like too much food. He was the gruff old man, just placing them on the table. Pausing briefly, he looked at us both and just said, "God Bless you Girls." Like he thought we were going to die for eating so much food.

Stretch and I busted out laughing. Of course we didn't finish the food, but we did put a major dent in it.

God Bless you Krupin's.


shortie said...

sadness...and shock.

Krupin's is like one of those places that everyone knows and is totally an establishment. Those places aren't suppose to close.

It would be like the Uptown closing or The Diner.

I blame Walmart and corporate America. Yeah, they might not be directly responsible, but it's always fun to blame Walmart.

Damn you, Sam Walton. You killed Krupins.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting because I feel a need to reach out to other cheese blintz-lovers during this moment of sadness. I have an empty feeling right now...partly because I'm hungry for a cheese blintz, and partly because there's a little hole in my heart where Krupin's used to be.
I'll always have the memories.

jane said...

Even *I* know Krupins and am in mourning!

Shedding a tear from Boston....

karen said...

Nic, are you getting enough rest? I surely thought that you would have been more dramatic in the loss of Krupin's? Are you suffering from flat affect? What's going on? It's a tragedy!!! We should still go and see what's there...and I do have to admit that MAAE said they still have blintz's...but they might not be made on site anymore. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I apologize if my previous post didn't fully convey my true sadness. It was 7 in the morning so my brain wasn't quite working yet. Though I did think that you would have heard my gasp of shock much past the Mason-Dixon line...

I just feel like there's nothing stable in my life anymore.

Amen to what Karen wrote before..."G-d bless you Krupin's."