Monday, March 07, 2005

so do you have a job you do at work?

I'm not going to lie and say people haven't asked me that before.

Actually when I was on the phone with Shortie tonight she asked that particular question.

I think that the reason people ask me this question so frequently is because I often talk about what I might be doing at work.

Blogging...well sometimes, I'm not that prolific, nor do I feel the need to be. Reading Television Without Pity. Let's be honest. Reading a plethora of entertainment websites. Emailing sometimes. Homework. Bouncing off my office walls with energy. Tripping. You know. The regular.

What I leave out of that description? The mundane and the boring. I mean do my friends really want to hear that I had to make a photocopy pronto? I had to walk 7 blocks to make some photocopies in annoying library. I'm calling people to invite them to a meeting. I'm doing a meta lit search on issues concerning my project.

The answer would be, I think not. I often find those details boring. Plus they would potentially not really understand the issues and it's not interesting. Granted there are days where I should be more prolific at my job, but luckily I have a job with education benefits and benefits of being somewhat relaxed.

So friends? Back off. I totally do my share of work! Most days. Some days. Days...


Caren said...

I know you work! And I also know how effin' boring your job is at times.

But I get the same question. Because come on, how many people really want to know that I filled out paperwork to pay the FedEx bill?

Shortie said...

Caren, I fill out paperwork to pay the FedEx bill too. I feel your pain.

and Karen, are you saying I don't understand alcohol problems?

karen said...

See. It's not understanding the alcohol problems.
It's about treatment people!
And access to treatment.
And how much alcohol costs.
I digress.

stretch said...

So, you don't think we all know how much alcohol costs? What about all those "comparison studies" of the prices at Whole Foods and the Glover Park market that we used to do?

But I respect your choice not to talk about the work you do at work, Karen.

PMF said...

Hey, I bet you do more than I do, and I'm damn proud to admit it!

I don't talk about it either...I like to leave an air of mystery around my job....even for my boss!
Even *he* doesn't want to know about all my database queries!

I have an alcohol problem - it's called not enough money!

karen said...

Having an air of mystery, eh? Even to the boss? That's pretty damn awesome. I should try that. Actually I think I might actually do that part of the time too!