Tuesday, March 08, 2005

that's so gay.

Truer words never spoken.

I think it's pretty obvious that I have an obsession for all things the L Word. I can't quite explain it, nor do I really care to. Though I do have to say that I think that obsession is waning slightly as I wasn't quite enjoying the new season as much.

Until the last episode. Fuck you L Word. How am I supposed to graduate from grad school when you play new episodes on Sunday night? Though I do have to say that in terms of regular fervor of fans over this show that I would be seen as a casual viewer comparatively. I mean I don't spend my day on message boards posting about the episodes, nor do I run some fan website.

I'm not going to try rationalize anymore. We all have our ticks. I mean my other show obsession is Golden Girls. I know. I know. So gay.

So yes, not only has the new season of the L word been slightly disappointing, but most importantly they have the. Crappiest. Theme. Song. And. Opening Sequence. Ever. I mean an unholy alliance has been formed between the group Betty and the showrunners. I mean horrible. Not only is the new pathetic song and sequence just calamitous, I mean really, the word fuck and any variation thereof does not need to be in a theme song...you're already a show about lesbians...you're edgy. We. Get. It., but one of the chicks from Betty is also the new music composer for the show. Which means that there are multiple variations of the theme song in the episode. It needs to end. Betty does not in fact rule, Betty sucks.

So, I found myself on the L word official Showtime site because they are 'supposedly' giving away a free iPod a day. Come on people. That's bullshit. But they had this highlighted link about an upcoming event that Ilene Chaiken, show creator, and as far as her hiring Betty and writing the first two lackluster episodes, buzzkiller, was hosting a Betty Rules evening with proceeds benefiting HRC.

Miraculously? The so-called 'awesome' Betty Rules event was happening here in DC. No cool stuff ever really happens here in terms of entertainment industry related. Okay, seeing what the event is, still no cool stuff happens here.

The evening is $40. What??? And so I decide to shoot the information in an email off to Shortie along with the brief teasing message, "Wanna go?" I mean a) clearly not worth the money and b) clearly don't have that type of money. Perhaps if like Jennifer Beals or Leisha Hailey or someone cool was hosting it I'd have sold my kidney or something to go. But come on people. Well, there's also the fact that I don't think that HRC is doing an effective job for the community, but whatevs.

Shortie's response? That's so gay.

I have no idea why but it cracked me up for minutes afterwards.

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shortie said...

WaPo had a review/announcement of Betty Rules at the DCJCC...no mention what so ever of the fact that they are associated with the L word. I thought that was a bit odd...