Monday, March 07, 2005

did you open this already?

Firstly. Why do I only write new entries from home when I really should be studying or writing? It's like I was born to screw myself over. I mean I know I could go to bed a whole hell of a lot sooner if I would just get down to it and write my fucking reaction paper to class.

That would make too much sense. I have a little less than 12 hours to send in my reaction paper which essentially means that I have loads of time.

Okay, I feel like I have loads of time. What I'm hoping is that I finish this entry and just fucking type it and get it over with rather than waking up at 9 tomorrow and typing it and running in late to work.

I'd like to actually have the time tomorrow to swing by Dunkin's for coffee. Or you know, be on time for work.

Stay with me people, I'll get back on track again. I always do. The time period for my Pepsi and iTunes obsession is going to come to an end soon, almost inadvertently fueling me to purhcase more bottles. Make those stops to CVS more frequently. Buy a bottle at lunch despite the fact that the are 10 cents cheaper, but hands down a sure deal in getting a song.

I was a little 'hungover,' and I really do mean a dash on Saturday morning. And I really do mean just to the point where your body is a little sore and you just want cold, sweet soda to make you feel better. Or fabulous Gatorade, but there's only a Pepsi vending machine in your building. Which of course means the opportunity to win.

No dice. It wasn't even a buy one get one free. I hate vending machines. No control over your destiny.

Earlier this week, despite the fact that I sounded like a frog took up residence in my throat and I was attempting to regulary force my lungs through my throat I decided to stop by CVS to get a Diet Pepsi. I mean, I hadn't bought one in almost a week because I had been sick. I head to CVS with Curly and purchase two bottles. I can't ever just pick one, because what if it's a winner. Right?

I've decided I'll be good though. I'll just drink the one bottle and wait for tomorrow. Bottle number one? A winner! Wooot! Curly stops by to chit-chat, as she does, and peers at the bottle wondering if it's a winner or not. Another co-worker stops by for a legit question. I know. The fucking audacity! Curly leaves and leaves the bottle on my desk.

Of course, once I'm by myself again I can't help looking at the bottle next to me. Caffeine is coursing through my veins. For like the first time in days. I have to know. So I pick the bottle up, and what the fuck is that?

I see the bottle has already been opened. That plastic ring that is solidly fused to the bottle before the first purchase? It's separate? Fuck. Shit. Fuck. CVS is never going to believe me. I head off to see if Curly was in fact the culprit because she wanted to see. Curly starts laughing and asking when the hell she could have opened it without me hearing or noticing. I was like, you know, I thought so, but I just wanted to double-check.

This injustice must be dealt with. Plus? I can't drink an already opened bottle. So I enlist Crazy Co-Worker to come with me, and luckily she does. Luckily? CVS believes me and I get to pick another bottle.

Did I look at the bottle and see whether it had won when we were in the elevator? Yup. It was a buy one get one free, so I didn't feel so bad about having to return it. I was actually a little relieved. I wonder if I would have still returned the bottle. My question though is, I'm obsessed but i would never ever open a bottle and then put it back. I mean seriously people, a song is only 99 cents and that seems a little extreme.

Even for me! Bastards made me have to head back to CVS. And what if I hadn't noticed? DIRTY!

The new bottle? It was a winner. Which is pretty fucking lucky because I didn't look because I thought that would have made them doubt the fact that I wasn't just returning a loser.

Total iTunes tally at this point? 12 songs.


PMF said...

I see you didn't finish and go right to bed....

That opened pepsi is so gross!
I bet it's happened a lot.

Ok, but my question for you is....
12 free songs....
How many pepsi's???

karen said...

Uhh...let's not talk about that. Especially since sometimes my co-worker will give me her free tops for a buy one get one free. and actually? It's 16. I forgot to count the ones I'd already used...
My teeth are going to rot!