Tuesday, March 22, 2005

masturbation is not a crime.

Um. Yeah. It seems that I was talking, Shortie says flirting, and I might just have to agree, to this guy in the bar on St. Paddy's for like 45 minutes before I saw what his t-shirt said. Actually his friend, who was cuter but married, pointed it out saying he loved it. I was like, oh, that's great. I seem to remember after that that I might have lost slight interest, plus I was convinced that we should head to Nanny's because my CBC was working there.

We never made it. Might have been a good thing because at that point I was quite fuzzy with the alcohol as I had been drinking since 2:30. And started with vodka with CB.

So not only did I end up semi-flirting with some random boy, with a rather intersting shirt which just put it all out there, but who else do I exchange numbers with? A gay boy.

Curses. I don't know what it is really. Somehow I always find the gay boy at the party and exchange numbers with him. Though this time it was slightly different. CB and I were still by ourselves before meeting up with people...okay, I guess I should slightly start at the beginning.

I had the St. Paddy's day outfit. Bright, spring green polo shirt with my pink tie which was pure brilliant fun. Plus, I didn't want to bring a wallet, so I had put my bank card in one pocket, and cash and my id in the other back pocket. And I didn't want a bulky jacket, so I wore my blazer. CB and I met up in my neighbourhood of work because I had brought some vodka and the all new Gay Fuel, which is tasty, but you can't make the drinks as strong as you can with red bull. It's more watery I guess you would say. But, fizzier and peachier. Yum! CB and I stopped at the CVS to get Red Bulls to suplement especially since CB was feeling tired and drabby and I wanted to buy cigs as well. Which? Two for the price of one at CVS. And the weirdest thing was the guy was like, do you want it? I was all, "a free pack? Sure!" Which makes me think I'll be heading over there soon because by the end of the night they were all gone. I digress though.

CB finished our drinks and headed to LuLu's because CB insisted it was free plus supposedly 'cool' people were going to be there in the form of Better Than Ezra and reality stars. When we got there it was a lull time and they were closing for an hour. So we were walking by a liquor store at that moment and decided to buy a small fifth of vodka. I know. No. I know.

So we finished that on the street. I know. Dodgy. I know. Thought about going to another bar, but because I suddenly was worried about where my id and card were...they were in my front pocket but I freaked out momentarily, they said we were drunk and wouldn't let us in. Please. We were sober compared to most people at that point.

Off to the Black Rooster Pub. Wee! It actually was pretty cool because it wasn't that crowded at the time and CB and I were able to play darts. Somehow, because of two really drunken girls who took an interest in our game, we became friends with a drunken group at the bar. In the drunken group? Oh, and I'm totally skipping the part where I challenged this really cute boy to an Irish Car Bomb and lost. I should have known because a) I had been drinking already and was too buzzed for the fear that makes me fast, and b) he used to be a waiter/bartender and he came down here from CT to try and go to school and work but then dropped out of school. He can drink faster. I digress. Of course somehow ended up talking to the very, very, very gay boy in the group. Who was of course nice, and we hit it off. And then I guess his lifelong friend shows up, and the coolest part about them though is that they both grew up on Army bases in Germany, together obviously, where my aunt was stationed when she was in the Army, so we talked about that. And a little in German.

I, of course, in my state, thought this was the fucking awesomest thing ever! And we were really having a good time with the group. We had these little necklaces the bartender gave us with beer mugs on the end that we were all taking shots out of by the end. Awesome! Of course, we left because I think CB's girlfriend showed up and wanted to leave because she wasn't really joining the group and CB was going to meet up with his co-workers. But of course after a few of, you're the awesomest, no you are with the gay boy, we exchanged numbers. I was like, you're never going to call. But alas.

"Hey it's me, giving you a call, call me back."

Are we at the point yet, where I can recognize your voice? And do I call you back?


shortie said...

yeah, call him back.

a girl can never have too many gay boys...

PMF said...

I agree with shortie.

And masturbation is not a crime.

But also not a very tempting pick-up line...