Tuesday, March 01, 2005

another p word


Something that I seem to have perfected over the years. I have gotten better, but it is still something that I cannot escape. i think that my constant access to the internet might have something to do with that, but I digress because it's just so bloody brilliant.

Due to the fact that seemingly writing about my two previous weekends of visits of CBF and, drum roll here please...Probably My Friend (and I do truely believe my friend will understand her nickname)...seems somewhat daunting, the simple task was to just give PMF her nickname finally. If it turns out that she doesn't like it, she's the only one who I'm changing it for.

Because? She's that fucking cool.

She rocked the house with her V-Day performance of the Vagina Monologues and she's reclaiming cunts all across Boston. She's in the business of cunt repoing. Sigh. That's more for her benefit as well, but it still makes me laugh my ass off when I remember her email discussing her business.

Essentially? This blog is boring for anyone but her. This post is for her awesomeness in taking part in an awesome play and a very important cause.

Probably My Friend. You fucking rock.


Anonymous said...

shortie's not bored by your witty musings. although, i can't speak for stretch, who seems to have fallen off the train somewhere between worchester and bahstan.

anyways, in honor of PMF, i have the original repo transcript, which i will paste below.

thursday, right?

Oh that's real nice....
you go around taking pictures, and karen goes around telling stories...
and *I* go around reclaiming cunts?
It sounds like I'm a cunt re-po officer going around with a badge saying "lady, i'm sorry, but i'm going to have to reclaim your cunt now."

Jane said...



Thanks so much, you made my day, I almost fell off my chair (at home, cuz I decided to not go to work today).

And no girl, YOU fucking rock!!

jane said...

but I'm DEFINITELY your friend.

(oh god that was cheesy....)

Shortie said...

PMF/DMF...same thing.

But I'm going to call you CRO...no, not for Crozier Williams, but because you are the Cunt Repo Officer.

I'm wicked jealous you're at home today...the thought crossed my mind to call in sick for the hour and a half that I lay in bed not wanting to get up...but my desire to put an end to global illegal logging prevailed and here i am at my desk writing about Indonesia and wishing I was still asleep.

karen said...

Well, well, well...i finally have multiple comments:)! And after all that hoopla fucking shortie comes up with a better nickname. That sucks!
But thanks for finding that transcript. I couldn't find it anywhere!

Shortie said...

c'mon, karen...that's what i'm here for...to piss you off AND to help ya out.

PMF/DMF/CRO- wanna fly down and hang out with us on Thursday? You know you want to check out Shane with short hair!

jane said...

LOL!! I guess it was worth the wait for MULTIPLE nicknames!! I'll answer to any.

And Oooooh yes I really really dooo want to come thursday, wanna buy me a plane ticket???

Oooh, I have girl-flirting stories to tell when we're bored at work tomorrow!