Thursday, March 10, 2005

house of whatnow?

I'm a procrastinator. Established.

What I've never done yet up to this point is scare the shit out of myself at 2:30 in the morning by myself. Why would I ever even do that?

Clearly, when you procrastinate as much as I do, you need to find new ways to procrastinate. I mean there are only so many times you can visit your favourite websites because really? Not updated past midnight usually. Or 1 in the morning.

I discovered awhile ago that the iTunes player is quite the resourceful little tool in watching movie trailers which I fucking love. I vehemently hate being late to a movie because then you miss the previews and really most of the time they are better than the movies being advertised themselves, and it's just part of the process. Usually there will be a movie preview that will give you goose bumps and it's awesome. The iTunes player has lots of previews for movies that are coming up that might not even be in the movie theaters yet, and really it's just a great way to spend time.

I've also had a fleeting crush on Chad Michael Murray. It's done, but it was there for quite a significant period of time which is rather impressive. It was there until he did the Hilary Duff movie. Game over loser. Anyway, everyone has been talking about the new "House of Wax" which was filmed last summer and he's in it as well as Paris Hilton, blech, and a few others. The set was plagued with problems, one of which wasn't necessarily Paris' diseased muff, but the set burned down. Ironic. I know. Plus when he was filming it, CMM, as his rabid fans call him, suddenly hit mainstream press for some reason and people kept on talking about it.

The other day at work I noticed in the movie preview section there was a preview for "House of Wax," and I was like, cool, I should watch that but not right now because I'm listening to a good song, or I was actually doing work. I can't remember which at the time.

So when does Karen decide to watch the preview? By herself, past 2 in the morning. Which size does Karen decide to watch? Fullscreen. What does Karen realize halfway through the preview? What the fuck am I doing freaking myself out this late in the evening by myself with these freaky images. Again, not actually Paris.


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Anonymous said...

Over a week and no new post...oh, blogger-Karen, where art thou?