Thursday, April 28, 2005

hey fucker!

You! Yes YOU! And no, I don't mean to partially quote a Ben Lee album.

When you're like 11 and on the metro for vacation with 5 of your other buddies on the metro in the middle of the day simmer down!

Not only that, but I fucking hope someone steals your damn iPod mini. No one your age should have a fucking iPod mini.

Not only are you too young to have one, you and your badly behaved friends are fucking annoying.

Why are you wearing pirate hats that look like you bought them on Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland?

Also? You might think you look punk wearing your aviator glasses on the metro, but you look a fucking fool.

Finally? Learn the rules of metro. You're being loud and rambuncious on the metro, such as your tool of a friend using the higher bar to do one-armed pull-ups is embarassing. Not. Cool.

Why are there so many tourists going to Smithsonian at noon?

Why does a fucking 11 year-old have an iPod?


Caren said...

My *favorite* metro ride was when my parents came to visit & we got on a train full of drunk 18 yr olds blowing up condoms on their way to the HSFestival. My Mom had to restrain me because I was so close to taking them all down.

I agree. No 11 yr old should have an iPod.

shortie said...

Unofficial Metro Rules here