Tuesday, April 26, 2005

caffeine count

Yesterday's caffeine count was rather high. I mean if I'm composing entries about Coffeemate? There must be a certain amount added. Which, and it could be due to the amount of stress, but I woke up with about 5 hours of sleep, and before my alarm went off. Weird. Which of course I then slept through. You can't waste those 5 minutes when you're just getting them.

So, yesterday:

2 cups of crappy office coffee...well there might have been a third in there

2 diet mountain dews...totally guzzled before class too

1 large mug of strong coffee at 11 p.m.

Oh. And 2 Silver Bullets when I first got home to try and combat that fabu panic attack, which? Well founded I find out.


Don't judge the Silver Bullet lifestyle. They're still left-over from when Stretch was visiting, and sometimes? It's all we can afford. It's a band-aid.

I need a cigarette.

1 comment:

Caren said...

yeah that's all you need is something ELSE to constrict your blood vessels w/all the caffeine streaming through your veins.