Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Man, I loved that orange soda as a kid.

Actually? I loved all orange soda. I can remember whenever we would go to a fast food restaurant as a kid I would order orange soda. Unless we were going to am pm, but that's a whole different, woe is me the divorced child story.

I'm trying to stick to topics these days, rather than a total flight of ideas.

I accompanied Shortie to another art show in, gasp! Silver Spring, last night, where she had three pictures hanging. It's actually at this Cuban and Puerto Rican fusion restaurant that was part of a walking tour opening last night as well. Most of the people present were the artists and friends, and were eating and drinking. The waitress, well intentioned, and speaking pretty much no English whatsoever, was rather flustered by the crowd. And there weren't even that many people present.

Anyway. The food was taking forever, and at our end there was an artist with his bunch of friends so we decided to look at the other hangings. I mean it was the point of coming, right?

Overall, there were some good pieces. And some paintings I could have gone without. Shortie pointed out three pictures, next to hers, that I had noticed, as being the photographer who sold our friends a picture of a mushroom. On like, their first date. A picture. Of. A. Mushroom. Because it reminded our friend of Maine. He's weird. They're actually now engaged. They've been dating since the end of October. We move on.

His picture of floating tomatoes and a green pepper in water had caught my eye as soon as we came in. Though from afar, I thought the tomatoes were pumpkins or squash. What? What! I didn't have my glasses on. And it's been a bad crop year for tomatoes, and so they weren't all that red.

Anyway. This photographer comes in later, and as soon as I spot him, I'm all, "he's cute!" This, despite the fact that it was sweaty. But, it's summer, and DC. To be expected. He mentions pulling up a chair, and so I surreptiously attempt to scoot over so he'll sit in the chair next to mine.

Unfortunately my plans were thwarted when the kid who was sitting one chair over, removed his chair from the table and decided to sit in that chair. Fucking bastard.

But! When Shortie and I were looking at the art, this guy who had left and returned, and I later found out was fucking weird, sat down in Shortie's chair. I mean the guy came back from his art walk, and we're sitting at the table and he reaches over and takes this person's discarded Corona and ads water from a glass sitting next to it. Fucking, EW!!! I mean, it's not even your friend's beer or water, and you're drinking from them? And you're watering down Corona? Who the fuck are you? Plus his body language and interactions were just bizarre.

His moving to our seat though was a fortuitous chance forcing us to sit somewhere else at the table. I made sure we sat down next to Cute Photographer.

Not only was he cute, but he was really nice and kind of funny. I know I find him cute because he reminds me of Anthony Clark in "Boston Common" era, which I loved for some reason. The theme song fucking rocked too. And I'm not even that sure why I enjoyed the show so much, but I do know that I thought Anthony Clark was adorable. I tried to find the TV Guide cover of him when the show first debuted, but they don't have it archived, and there no rabid fans out there of him or the show, so...yeah.

Anyway, CP is adorable and really nice, and talented, and northern, and some-fucking-how lives with a CC alum now. What type of small fucking world is this people? Other plus? Pretty sure he's not gay.

So, of course, have partially spent the morning trying to semi-stalk him. I sent Shortie an email concerning CP and my feelings.

Her response?

"It's amazing how you can be funny and scary at the same time."

To be fair, this is what I wrote:

From: me []
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 11:47 AM
Subject: RE: once every few weeks...

Okay, I do not even know why I think he’s so cute. There’s a picture of him taking a picture, and I was like, aw, how cute.

We’re going to have to stalk him [Shortie]. Stalk, I say, STALK!

I wonder where he frequents? We know about the [popular after work hobby]…

It looks like I have my summer crush! Maybe he'll be as tasty as the soda.

I know. I know.



shortie said...

like i said "funny and scary at the same time"

Caren said...

I second Shortie.

shortie said...

i don't, Karen, can you actually have a crush on someone who is seemingly straight, single AND not famous?

karen said...

Cute. Real cute. But yes, it's a whole new world out ther for me people.

Caren said...

Shortie, are we sure it's *really* Karen? How do we know she's not been abducted by aliens and replaced...??

shortie said...

Caren, there's only one way to find out...we'll have to give her a massive pop entertainment quiz. Aliens couldn't possibly retain the useless, um, i mean, practical knowledge that is in Karen's head!