Tuesday, July 05, 2005

apb on blueberry coffee.


So Stretch called one day. Okay, so she calls every day, but one day I actually talked to her and she mentioned that DD's (Dunkin' Donuts to the unhip and uninformed out there) had new summer flavours that included Blueberry and Coconut.

One thing Stretch and I have always shared is our willingess, almost stupidity, of wanting to throw ourselves out there in the world of trying potentially dodgy foods. Or just eating a mixture of food that is good, but eaten at the same time is questionable. Or just eating questionable amounts of food at a time.

So we pow-wowed and essentially were all, blueberry sounds scary. But. Good scary. Stretch reported back that the first time she tried it, she couldn't really tell, and the second time it was pretty tasty.

When I went to go visit CBF in the city I was like, we totally have to hit DD's (because the DD's here is not even a 'full' one, so who knows if they'll have the flavour and it's too fucking humid to walk 10 blocks out of the way on the way to work) and I want to try the blueberry.

The weekend was a blur and it didn't happen.

My sister and I went to get brunch at Bruegger's, because really? I'm that cheap, well I should say we, because she's po' poor. And with my breakfast bagel you can add coffee for cheap. Due to the heat I asked if I could make it iced, which I could, so: Awesome! The untalented boy who was helping me, asked what flavour and as soon as he said blueberry, I chose it.

It was: Fucking. Awesome!

I tried to go again Sunday, but apparently it's closed in this little steel town on a Sunday. Boo! So then I did an internet search to see if there was a DD's. It had 1. Which? A travesty. Even more of a travesty? I called and asked the guy how late they were open, and he was like, we're closed. If you're closed motherfucker, don't pick up the phone. This pisses me off the most when trying to order pizza after a night of drinking. Fuck you Pizza Hut worker. Let the machine pick up without giving me momentary hope.

Now. There is no Bruegger's in the 'tri-state' area of here if you will. So now?

I'm obsessed with blueberry coffee. I'm on a hunt. I'd be eternally grateful if someone could point out a coffee place in the DC area that sells blueberry flavoured coffee.

Help my coffee obsession!

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