Sunday, January 16, 2005

What are the chances?

After talking about Goldie's lips in the movie that it is now on basic cable on USA. And seriously girl, I can relate to the pain that would be your lips if they were actually cosmetically altered to that size. I haven't seen the movie in quite some time. Good stuff, though it does remind me that the author of the book actually died from plastic surgery. Something she mocked in the book. Tragic.

My face is back to size for the most part though my muscles are still stiff and now I'm worrying about the potential scars that will show up on my face from the scratches. I scar very easily. I'm just a gentle little flower.

The other funny part about talking to my sister is that on the night of my accident she text messaged me that she wanted me to make her a soothing piano cd or something for her to listen to when studying. Then when she called she asked if I was bored at home. Clearly I answered no. I mean hello, television for hours with cable. I think not. Especially since the new semester is just roaring to go soon. She then joked that she was going to joke about me now having the time to make the CD. I was all, I don't have any of the music in my apartment so I can't. So I totally called her out on her actually joking but being serious that I should burn her CDs during my recovery. I love her.

Sigh. It's been a Golden Girls free weekend, well, except for yesterday and then I couldn't even finish the episode because I was meeting friends for brunch. Including said friend who was driving the car. He was all, oh you look great. And so I turned to my friend and was all, whip out your fucking phone and she passed it around and everyone had the proper response of oooh slash ewww.

Guilt is a fucking magical tool. If my friend is talking about the tiniest scratch on his nose that is no bigger than a pimple and a "burn" that is smaller than a mole, guilt needs to be involved.

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