Wednesday, January 19, 2005

My Worst Nightmare.

Fucking Hilary Duff is currently in my city. I hate her. My antipathy has abated a wee bit, but it's a little something extra that she's actually within a few mile radius of me right now. She's so fucking ostentatious.

"So like you guys, it's like totally snowing right now!! How cool is that? And like, I'm totally important right now! How pretty is inauguration going to be in the snow. Squee!!!!! I rocked the stage last night!! Did you hear me you guys?? And like you guys, I seriously did rock, my voice is like so not reedy, and like I totally don't need my sister's back-up vocals anymore! I can really sing. Didn't you see all those people cheering me? And god, you guys? My little sequin jacket and rolled up jeans? Weren't they totally appropriate for introducing the First Lady? It was awesome! Inauguration is the coolest! Though, you guys? I like, totally forgot to tell Ms. First Lady, what's her first name again? That like, I totally don't eat eggs! Because like I don't know if it means you're killing the like do say that word much less spell it? You know, like a baby that hasn't been born yet? And that's like abortion you guys! And it's so serious. I mean I can't believe I didn't tell her about it!?! Maybe like I can send her an email or something. I just can't believe how important I am. I can't wait until Haylie stops riding my coat-tails! So, like you guys? Are there some really awesome shops in the national mall? And, can we have some veal already?"

Shut It, Hilary!

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