Monday, January 17, 2005

Being a Nosy Neighbour

First step. Stay home recovering from whatever you will for a few days. Essentially sanctioning yourself in your apartment.

Second. Have your blinds open so you can spy through your neighbour's window that is at a kitty corner angle to catch your presumed, potential good looking neighbour wandering around his apartment. Said neighbour presumed to be attractive due to the fact that you've only seen his chest, with a towel wrapped around his waist from the shower. Said chest? Very nice. The face can make or brake it though.

Third. Also wonder from the glimpses through open blinds what an attractively furnished apartment he has with an actual world globe (seriously I last saw one in the eigth grade), framed photos and a large cactus. Of course leading to wondering what I can actually do with my apartment to make it seem like it is really furnished. Final decision? I have got to get some fucking wall hangings and art. That's what is killing it right now I've decided. Walls are just too bare.

Fourth. Wonder what fucking abnormal disorder your neighbour has that he needs to constantly fucking shower annoying you in said apartment with the water noise. I mean it's really fucking loud and bothersome. I need to either turn my tv up higher when he showers or listen more closely on the phone. This wouldn't be a problem if he showered once a day. This is a necessity, and you know, makes him clean. As far as I know we are scabies free in this apartment building. Back of Real World Philly. My neighbour takes at LEAST two showers a day. And always one late at night, which during the school week, whatever, but when I'm trying to get as much sleep as possible, the noise totallly serves as annoying gnat noise. During these past few days locked in my aparment I've noticed that it is sometimes multiple times a day. He's already taken two showers today and I know that he's going to take another one later. I know we don't need to pay for water, but come on MAN! save the water or something.

And I haven't had the opportunity to see him semi-clothed again lately. I think I just missed the opportunity as well because he just shut his blinds. Shite.


Caren said...

Maybe he has a glandular problem & sweats a lot so he's to shower frequently.

Or maybe he's a gigilo & is getting all the.... nevermind.

Anyways, watched 2 epps of Golden Girls today & thought of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Karen, you're really coming through with the I hope these regular blog postings don't end when your new semester starts up again!

Anonymous said...

need some art, huh?

hmm, i could think of a local artist who could sell you some framed photographs...with a CC discount too...

anyways, i hope we can see the nice-chested, shower-obsessed man on thursday!


Anonymous said...

I say you go over there, explain that you're concerned about the environment and conservation, and tell him, that if he really needs to shower that much, the least he could do for the GOOD of the EARTH is to share the shower with a friendly eco-concerned neighbor!
This wastes much less water.
And much less time than say, trying to borrow sugar ;-)

Your friendly daily advice,