Friday, January 28, 2005

heavy headed morning

Friday morning? Long. Long. Long.

For some reason I decided after happy hour with my new program crew to go home and meet up with Shortie while we proceed to hang out and drink. Usually? This isn't so bad because it involves a variety of rather weak alcoholic beverages. Beer. Sometimes the hard lemonade thrown in.

Last night? Bourbon.

Why? Because I love The Bourbon. Especially with ginger ale and it's pretty awesome for cold weather.

Not good. Clearly drinking The Bourbon leads to drunkeness rather than buzzed. Though it was a really happy fuzzy semi-drunk. Not full out. We were cackling like a bunch of idiots. I actually don't remember the last time I was the stupid happy drunk. Good times.

Stretch, the insomniac then decides to call.

At 2:35 in the morning.

"Did I wake you up?"

"Well...kind of. Why are you calling so late?"

"Is it late?" Which is pretty much common response when Stretch calls late at night. I know you know how late it is.

So with talking to Stretch for a bit, because she was raring for a chat, and the Bourbon, and a 3am bedtime, it was rather painful to wake up this morning to go to work. I always set my TV as my alarm and Suddenly Susan was on much too early this morning. Shut it, Brooke Shields! There is a reason your show was 'suddenly' cancelled. It fucking sucked.

My actions are slow and I'm waiting for the day to end.

Fucking Fridays.


Anonymous said...

For once *I'm* not shortie!!
You guys were a riot when I talked to you on the bourbon night.
But did I hear you right in saying you aren't coming up for the VM's in February?!!! :*(!!!!


fruti said...

dont' be so angry