Tuesday, January 25, 2005

cute boy watch 2005

It's starting to get serious people.

As I was walking by his door last night he was leaving and taking out the garbage.

Hot Neighbour Update: He's tall. Major plus. I really think he may be cute. Unfortunately, I was looking down somewhat as I was walking by and then I didn't want to be totally obvious. The back of him is really cute, though the hair seems to need some working on, and I swear I had a very positive side glance in his direction. One day. One. Day! Though with his constant walking around half-naked I think he might be quite the exhibitionist. Dirty! Awesome.

There is also this cute boy at my bus stop that I tend to see on a semi-regular basis when I'm running late to work. I know the reason I think he is cute is because he looks like this major crush from college. I mean I was obsessed with the boy. He is a perfect example of what my 'type' is. If having a type is really a thing. A mixture of Colin Hanks a la first season"Roswell" and Adam Brody. Cute, lanky, pretty adrodynous-y boys. Love 'em.

I digress. College Crush was so cute, and had the waspiest name in history. Ever. I mean all three names. It was ridiculous. Anyway, he looked to sort of be a mix between the two with these sometimes cute wire-rimmed glasses as well. Not particularly tall, but you know. Take what you can get. He lived in my dorm junior year on the first floor and so I totally stalked him. One time I went down to the first floor to check out his white-board to see if his full name was there, plus what his extension was so I could find out his full name. My borderline roommate just cackled and continued smoking her cig. But then, that's what she did. And then of course there was the directory we had so I could find out where he was from. You know. Instead of actually talking to him.

Senior year I was lamenting to my friend about my crush on him and she had gone abroad with him to Vietnam and was just like, dude, he's a pretty boring individual and he's really into Asian girls. So you know, I was really out of that race. No pun intended. Plus, I do need some sort of personality in my boys. Which again may explain my constant flux towards first being in love with my gay best-friends. And really? Gay boys in general. Most of the time my friends have to quiz me if I like a boy whether he's gay or not. I love the gay boys.

Bus boy, who I saw for the first time in quite some time yesterday, which may be due in part to the fact that I've been on time lately, again totally reminded me of CC. Though he's taller and less lanky than CC, which are good things, but his face is less pretty. It's weird though how similar they do look, especially with BB's almost identical wire-rimmed glasses.

I kept on checking him out on the bus this morning as he sat down across from me. Have to spend the time somehow on the longest bus ride ever. And the longest wait for a bus ever. I could go on about the awful, awful bus line, but I'll spare the details for a day when I'm really angry about it.

Oh. And of course he has an iPod the little bitch. I'm still pissed I am in no way going to be able to afford one before I'm done with the wedding in May. If anyone asks me to be in their wedding again I am going to finally have the courage to say no! They should have a Just Say No! campaign for weddings.

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