Monday, January 31, 2005

so, do i have to give the money back?

I was checking my bank account today because I essentially decided yesterday that I would buy an iPod with store credit rather than buy a new pair of headphones.

I clearly see the logic is flawed and that just because my headphones broke that it doesn't mean buying an iPod would be saving money overall.

It makes sense when you desperately want an iPod and any sort of rationalization makes sense. Also, despite the fact that I'll probably be paying more money for the iPod than if I bought it outright, but unfortunately I just don't have the money.

While perusing my bank account I noticed that I had a deposit supposedly from my father's old job. Before he changed jobs, and when I was still in college, I would have an automatic deposit into my bank account that was a little bit like an allowance.

Okay, so I guess it totally was an allowance.

I've been expecting money from the bank because I was able to have my bank semi-credit card that really isn't one but is helping me build my credit history. So I was supposed to be getting my $95 back from the bank.

That's exactly how much money the deposit was.

So now I'm wondering, maybe the bank is just calling it a deposit from my dad's company for some reason? Right?

The most important question is: if it is really from my dad's former employer, do I have to give it back? Do I have to tell them? I mean it could just really be their mistake, right? Just my luck I'll be hauled off to prison.

Hi Girls!

They don't have strippers in prison do they?


Obsconder said...

you don't have to tell them. You're fine. Even if it was a mistake I don't think they're legally allowed to take it back from you, they screwed up, so it's on them. but even if it was a mistake, by the time they find out they're short $95, i doubt they'll care, that's not a whole lot of money to a company. But either way, you'll be fine, enjoy the money!

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Keep it!

Although I have heard of people going to jail when the bank has accidentally place thousands and thousands of dollars in their account and they spent it, and can't pay the bank back.

But $95? I doubt they'd even notice.


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