Sunday, February 12, 2006

how is it past nine already?

You know, you organize, you procrastinate, and suddenly it's already after fucking nine at night.

My grandmother called today to ask if I was snowed in.

I wish.

CBF said that New York broke some sort of record for snowfall. Unfortunately nothing is cancelled for him. Sucky for him because of course, even though all the streets are fine, schools are either closed or starting late.

I was hoping my work would be cancelled, but really? That hasn't happened since the big storm of Valentine's in oh-three. It's a 'lost' weekend if you will. A weekend that dare not be spoken of. Stretch starts to tic a little when it's mentioned. Though it was also the weekend I was introduced to the fact that "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter!" actually had a spray model.

That someone was eating.

On pancakes.

Really? Really!!! I mean if you're eating pancakes, just have the fucking butter or margarine. You don't need to pick up your pancake and spray it with the fake butter. I guess the company wasn't really thinking about the fact that nozzle sprays don't really work at an extreme angle.

I mean I've accomplished some things today: finally! found the margarita mix in a bucket that's fucking awesome, bought margarita glasses, bought a real trash can, bought groceries for the week.

The problem is that I didn't actually use any of the time to be doing my school work, which is the actual necessary part. And I know I'm shortly going to be watching Grey's Anatomy because I've been waiting all week for the episode.

I should not only be doing my schoolwork, of which I have two written assignments, an oral presentation and reading (!), but for some reason I'm not really that stressed out.

This is a bad thing.

That, of course coupled with the fact that I'm spending money both like it's my job and like it's going out of style. "Wait, so you're saying for just double the price I can have a stainless steel garbage instead of a plastic one? Perfect!" Margarita glasses because that will obviously make them taste better? Pur-fect!

I have GOT to get to work.

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killer said...

dude, you mentioned the weekend of the bad snowstorm and now, i'm having flashbacks.

go do your work!