Thursday, February 16, 2006

crappy commentators.

So...still procrrastinating.

I love the Olympics. I especially love the Winter Olympics. Especially the ice skating. In high school my sister and I taped the ice skating so we could re-watch. I might have been a tidge of a dork. But the Olympics effing rock.

So I've been sad that I haven't been able to watch them yet because of my fucking schedule so far. So, of course I'm sitting on my couch now with my computer 'working' on my paper.

Something I've re-discovered already is how incredibly fucking crappy the commentators always are at the Olympics. I mean, really, where the fuck do they hire these people from? Though the best was how awful Katie Couric was at the winter Olympics four years ago at the opening ceremony. I mean acting surprised that Brazil was participating and mentioning frozen bananas? Before Arressted Development even started? Totally culturally insensitive.

So the only event on right now is of course fucking ski jumping. I mean when I'm procrastinating I'd like to see my favourite event. That's right. Ice skating. Anywho.

The commentator just said that watching the Austrians was like watching paint dry. What???? Who the fuck says that about a sport? Just because they're reliable?

Can I be a commentator? It sounds like I'm qualified - I'm breathing.

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