Thursday, February 17, 2005

what scares me...

is the new virulent strain found in New York of the HIV virus that supposedly kills the host quicker than previously seen.

Scarier? The seemingly same virus strain has been found in San Diego. Across the entire fucking country.

My fear?

The Bush administration is going to use this to condemn the gay culture, and gay men. Use it as a reason to get involved in gay mens' private lives and lifestyles; something that they have no right to do.

Outspoken and recognized figures in the gay community are speaking out that they need to apply more drastic tactics to cut down the tina and the sex parties as a result. Plus the lackadaisical approach to actually getting the virus now.

Said tactics include going to sex parties and confronting users and members as well as trying to shut down websites about the sex parties and crystal use.

I say, anything that can work. Another plague is unnecessary and absolutely tragic.

Don't give the Bush administration the opportunity to get involved and make tragic rules affecting their private lives.

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