Wednesday, February 09, 2005

it's a disease

It's like the caffeine and money Olympics! Take 2!

I have a slight gambling problem, in that once I start. I can't really stop. I mean we aren't talking spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars because I could never do that. Put me near a slot machine, and I'm fucked.

In college we would go to the Mohegan Sun reservation and gamble. One time I lost $20 in like 20 minutes. This was a considerable amount of money considering that I had about $95 for the month.

I know that it is only because there are periodic reinforcements when you'll get at least one or two quarters back, and I crave that rush of winning let's say 6, 7, or more. I long for that rush of whippeee I've won money. And clearly because it is just the slot machines I tend to randomly not do too well because I'll spend money, but not enough to ever get that big pay-off.

Plus? I'm just fucking unlucky. I went to AC, Atlantic City for those not in the know, with Stretch and another friend one weekend and they all left with surplus money while again. I was the only one who lost $20. I'm not going to lie. I was sort of pissed that Stretch won like fifty fucking dollars. What. the. Fuck?

When I go home to visit my mom I tend to have a lay-over in The Vegas, and there are of course The Slot Machines in all of the lobbies. So of course because I'm bored I'll tend to play them. Amazingly enough, last time I left with six extra dollars. Though another time I lost 10 dollars in like 10 minutes.

Pulling that damn tantalizing slot lever, or the even quicker way of spending your money, by pushing the button is just too much to resist. I also know it's because I'll never wager more than a dollar that I'm able to continue. I can rationalize those amounts in my head.

When Pepsico last year decided that you can potentially win a song when buying the 20 oz. bottles from iTunes? It was ridiculous. I would suddenly buy multiple bottles a day because I can spend my time peering from the side trying to figure out if it's a winner or not. I had, I would say about a 70% positive rate. That still meant I spent so much money on drinking fucking Pepsi. My Cranky Co-worker would often come with me to CVS to make my purchases and mock me horrendously.

Once she was done though. She'd ask, no demand, that I pick her out a winner as well. All whilst saying that I was embarassing her.

I was addicted to the rush of getting a free song. A. Free. Song.

Any. Song.

It began my iTunes obsession.

In the end I had 17 songs. I don't even want to contemplate how much extra money I spent on Diet Pepsi, nor the amount of Diet Pepsi I drank. I was actually switched from a DC lifer, Diet Coke for those not in the know, to a Diet Pepsi person.

How often do those switches happen?

Unfortunately. The promo is back.

That means I'm back to drinking multiple 20 oz. bottles a day to win a song.

Unfortunately, I believe I've lost some mojo. But. In my defense, Pepsi has switched it up some, killing my mojo. Now, there are caps with buy one get one free.

I've gotten three of those, and only 2 songs. And 2 bad seeds.

My insides are rotting with all the preservatives of fake sugars and caffeine.

Or. I'm going to die, and they won't need to embalm me because my insides will preserved for the next two years.

My teeth will most likely have rotted out though.

At least I'll have fucking awesome music for my guests to rock out to.


Caren said...

I'm so glad you converted to the better beverage.

Just remember it's the acid not the sugar since DP (diet Pepsi not Dumb Polak) has no sugar that's gonna kill your teeth. Oh and the food colouring... that's gonna stain your teeth. Crest White Strips.

On a fluke I picked a winner this evening at the boring lecture I went to (so boring I fell asleep), now I've to decide what song to buy.

(Don' you love how I treat your blog as a converation & have a converation back?)

Anonymous said...

i should have known that the last pepsi left in the cooler at cvs wouldn't be a winner. scratch tickets are my (not so secret) gambling weakness...i've had some luck with the "lucky shamrocks" variety...