Tuesday, February 08, 2005

it's starting to hurt now

So fucking Verizon isn't sure when exactly my DSL will be ready to be turned on.

So I have my boxes of TiVo and DSL software at home, with no potential in site of when it will be turned on. It was supposed to be turned on Thursday, but through the website I saw that indeed they were very sorry, but due to unforseen circumstances, they had no idea when it was going to be turned on.


The fuckers. Like they really give flying shit. They didn't even bother to email me. And the website essentially is like, we don't want to talk to you. So email us or fuck off.


Then when reading my instruction booklet for TiVo last night, because I figured I should at least be familiar with the hardware by the time I set it up, I noticed that I didn't have a USB cord or USB port in my fancy new wireless thingy majig.


So I asked my fabulously friendly Wooster boy in house about what to do. He was all, yeah you have to buy a wireless USB port adapter. What?


I've been looking around all day and essentially the cheapest it's going to be is $58. What the fuck people? It's now starting to really hurt how much I'm paying for all of this. Now I'm starting to think I'm a fucktard for deciding to do all of this. I mean, I could've fucking bought an iPod for sure now.

At least a mini.

I'm going to have to seriously make sure that I mail in my rebate as soon as I hook my TiVo up and get the numbers for registering it.

This TiVo thing better be worth it as well. FFWB does say that once you go TiVo you can't go back.

That better be true.

I'm going to need to live like a monk for the next couple of months.


Dunkin' Donuts Update: There is a Dunkin' Donuts in DC. I. Know. And it's somewhat nearby. I thought I was going to pass out from excitement. Fucking. AWESOME!

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