Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentine's day

I figured I needed just a post; because the other post might make me sound desperate and depressed on this day.

And, you know? Today has actually been a really good day.

I've been perky, I've been happy, I've been giggly.

I think it's because I have a phone date with CBF after class tonight. And CBF, after recieving my fabulous Valentine's card was back on the coming train for this weekend which would just fucking rock.

Giggly and perky all fucking day. Previously Grouchy Showrunner who has turned into Fabulously Friendly and Helpful Showrunner saw me doing that run down the hallway, you know that one where you're five and you aren't running to run fast but bouncing and kicking your feet up high so they almost kick your ass? He was all, ooh, dancing in the hallway. And I corrected him that I was doing a bouncy run to try and stay energized for class. He mentioned that I could just nap until class.

This place is so fucking productive.

Happy Valentine's Day and share the love with everybody on this day!!

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