Tuesday, February 15, 2005

cbf is coming, cbf is coming!

I'm so excited I could squeel with joy, which you know, I did.

This weekend is going to be gay-tastic!

I'm still preparing a response for the fabulous weekend, but there is pressure. For as of yet unnickamed friend came to visit for the weekend. Which, you know, was the reason that it was bundles of fun.

The problem? Said friend kept on mentioning that she couldn't wait to read her nickname. Fuck. I mean, I haven't exactly been digging the mines of originality for nicknames...Stretch. Shortie? Yeah.

Pressure people. Pressure. I feel I now need to come up with an appropriately awesome nickname for said friend because she deserves one. Dammit.

Now lately CBF and I have been planning to get together, but one of us would end up cancelling due to monetary constraints. So it's never good to be excited before the plans are totally final. In fact, we've searched for this weekend three seperate times but he bought the tickets today! YAY! I've even ordered gay fuel for the weekend, which I've been dying to try. Though knowing the website where I ordered my awesome dirty! shirts from, they won't be here in time.

Nothing like spending $16 for just 5 energy drinks. Though how awesome is it that the website plays awesome queer dance club music. I'm jamming out to it right now.

The problem with being entirely ecstatic about the weekend means that it can't come soon enough. Today's only Tuesday, right?

I'm going to go home and cuddle up to my TiVo which is finally working. Thank the lord, sweet jesus! TiVo bad. Reading good. I'm going to have to TiVo everything tonight and speed through everything else.

The first thing I put on my Season Pass? The function where it will automatically record said programs any time they are on without prompting.

the L Word.

Second show? The Golden Girls.

Fucking awesome! I'm going to have to schedule my other shows and make sure they don't coincide, and rank them as well.

I'm going to fail out of grad school now.



Jane said...

Dude! No nickname...that's funny stuff!
I'm so glad CBF is coming! Gay-Fuel? You have to be KIDDING me.

I'm totally going through Karen withdrawal!

Love, your "as of yet unnickamed friend"

karen said...

Um, never, never mock the gay fuel. If you look closely at the description on their website, they mention it's a pretty pink like a cosmo! Yay! It'll only be here in like 5 years.