Wednesday, March 08, 2006

self-destructive behaviour.

Seriously, who needs enemies when you have yourself?

I was talking to CBF tonight and mentioned how I was positive that I had a pattern of self-destructive behaviour. And I mean, really!!! This is above and beyond procrastination and if I'm not fucking working at this hour then I should at least be sleeping.

A waste of fucking flesh is what I am right now.

I should be drunk.

I wish I could be drunk.

That'd be fucking awesome!

I think what makes it worse too is the knowledge that Killer is going to an opening at one of my favourite art spaces and is drinking different Irish beers tomorrow.

For free.

What a twat.

Someone else who is a twat? Stretch.

Promises, promises, promises.

She's become the girl who has cried wolf, except, she should be on her, like tenth visit if she ever came when she was supposed to. And suddenly, this is a dirty post. Okay. Never wanted to go there.

Happy thoughts. That include my new DVR. And space for 100 hours of programming. And the capability of recording two different things at the same time. I fucking love you!

I wonder if there is therapy for self-destructive behaviour? Would it even make a difference?

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The Fez Monkey said...

Self Destructive?


Maybe just a bit confused. Certainly nothing some fine tequila couldn't cure.

In fact, I think I'll have some now.

Ook ook