Thursday, December 30, 2004

Quite the Conundrum and I'm Going to Hell

Okay, so here's the deal. I was talking to my step-mom upon the first few days of arrival and we were discussing politics and the differences in the US and German system and for some reason my step-mother began discussing how Germany has had a recent influx of laws affecting the handicapped. Essentially, how we have had a multitude of laws in the US such as necessary handicap access to buildings, blah blah blah. So essentially she started then complaining how all the spots on the street were now designated as handicap parking. And clearly how annoying that was. To allow handicaps closer access. Yeah. I found that somewhat funny. Also that she was mentioning, slash potentially complaining again, how previously people who were in wheelchairs or crutches wouldn't really leave the house and now they are just ALL over the streets. Hee. Then, the greatest story. She was talking about how all these newbie roadsters were just taking over the streets. Supposedly there is this older woman who rides her wheelchair all over the sidewalks and in the streets and she was complaining about how it was difficult not to hit her. And then there was this dude who was driving his wheelchair on the highway, and these truck drivers pulled over and stopped him. I was fucking laughing at the ridiculousness of the story. I mean, this guy driving along the freeway where there aren't any speed limits with his little automatic wheelchair. Fucking awesome.

Okay, so the greatest part was the fact that as I was at the Christmas Market, where seriously there were hundreds of people and the aisles were packed, and my arm was jostled many a time whilst drinking my Gl├╝hwein, I had indeed noticed that there was a person in a wheelchair. This struck me as odd, more so because it was a fancy pants wheelchair and I was wondering how they were getting around in the crowd and on the cobblestone streets.

Suddenly, it became one of those things where as soon as someone points something out to you, you keep on seeing it, or having it happen though you know it happened before. Now I kept on noticing the handicapped people. And they travel in packs here in Germany. When I was at the market a few days later I saw a multitude of people in wheelchairs. At one point I saw three across, forming a wall in one of the aisles. It was two people in wheelchairs, and a person on crutches. It was like the jackpot of handicaps. And another later on with a fancy automatic one.

Then, I think I ran into the woman my step-mother was talking about with my brother. It was dark, quelle fucking suprise it gets dark at 3:30, and I was crossing the cross walk with my brother and this woman just barrels right through the middle. I had to throw him to the side to be saved. She needed a license just to drive that bad boy!

Disclaimer: Yes. I'm going straight to hell. I know. And no offense was meant to anyone.

My conundrum is this. I've fallen in even deeper love with another cheesy techno song. I mean it's fucking awesome. I have no idea what the song is about as it's sung by this Romanian group, but I do know from the video that at least one of them is gay. The main singer's mannerisms do remind me of my friend the man slore from college so it's a little weird. It's awesome though. The group is called O-Zone and the song is "Dragostea Din Tei," and I mean seriously, what the fuck does that mean? It doesn't matter because I can sing along. I could be busting out about how awesome it is to be a gay man for as much as I can fucking tell. It's awesome.

I decided to be a thorough, well researched shopper today as the spree began slash continued, and as I couldn't find the full album for O-Zone, I did find a few compilation CDs with the hits of the past year, and I happened upon the Kylie album. Which just so happens to be a double CD with remixes of her past hits, of the two years since she's become big that is. And the new songs. And I checked Amazon as it was 17 Euros in the store. It's limited edition and import. Can't decide what to do there. I listened to the compilation cd which is 20 Euros with 40 songs, with of course my Romanian group, and my gay workout boy song, and some other fun songs. No Kylie though. I don't think I have enough to buy both with everything else that I am buying. Though an iPod is not in that buying. I heard a rumour fucking Charlie got the U2 iPod and the songs for Christmas. Fucking Charlie might now have to be his moniker. I deserve an iPod as that would begin a whole other rant and so good-night.

Again, I know I'm going to hell and a bad person. What should I do about the CDs though?

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Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that your recent shopping spree means that the stores have reopened after the Christmas holiday. Hope that you are having a good time! Happy New Year!