Sunday, December 19, 2004

Heat Maintenance

Heat is included in my utilities in my apartment, and so I seem to forget that luxury, not that I use it much, until I come home to visit.

The apartment becomes freezing at night, and there is nothing I can do about it. I'm sitting here at the computer with my sweatshirt hoodie on, and the hood up to trap all heat leaving my body. I mean seriously people. It's fucking freezing. Me saying that in of itself is somewhat of a miracle. The heat is activated by the cold outside, and the heaters can only be turned up to a certain level, which I promise you does not make the apartment hot.

The yuletide ritual of the fight over the heat has thus begun. My step-mother likes to keep it on 3. At night, I sleep next to the window, not much I can change there people, and am next to the heater. The problem is, even though I'm near the heater I'm still cold. So I turn the dial up to 5, the highest setting, and push my fabulous futon bed (I almost miss my twin bed from high school. Kind of sucks moving up and out. Clearly, I digress) against the heater which my step-mother HATES! It wrinkles the curtains. Seriously. No, seriously that is what pisses her off. I always play dumb the next day if I don't move it away in time, all 'Oh, how did that happen? I must have been tossing and turning?'

I can't tell if she's figured out, or if she realizes that there isn't really anything she can do about it.

High ceilings, many windows, and a weak heating system fucking suck people. I always seem to block it out until I visit. I need fucking longjohns just to hang around my apartment.


Anonymous said...

screw the cold. come back to dc

Sharon Lee said...

I like your say on futon cover clearance! May you prosper Karen!