Thursday, December 16, 2004

"I was born without ears!"

I swear I thought I heard wrong, no pun intended. We seem to have a Compulsive Lier in the office. It's slowly coming to our knowledge that CL's stories just don't match up.

So she's telling this story about how she wasn't born with ears. So as to prove said story she's starts waving her ears back and forth. She's fucking flapping her ears people. And not in the "Wow, I could take this shit on TV and win money for my mad skillz, yo'" but taking her hands and moving her ears back and forth. What the fuck does this prove? So she has less cartilage? Can she hear? Yes. Conflicting seems to be a theme of her stories. Cranky Co-worker was the first to discover this seeming mystery of classing facts about how one minute her mother is an emotional abuser, the second her mother has abondoned her, and then the third is that she is just fine and dandy with dear old Ma. The stories continue with some moving fiasco that involves hostages, furniture of course, and how at the ripe old age of 23 she ran a clinic. Okay.

So now Cranky Co-worker and I are checking her ears out at all times. And people, they're pierced. Ear-Watch 2004 has started, clearly with two weeks left, and I'm just waiting for one of those motherfuckers to fall off.

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Caren said...

hmmm I wonder who Cranky Co-Worker is??? hmmm!!!