Thursday, December 16, 2004

Finally, right?

You know you have to be either a) suffering the slump of a semi-hangover from the first day of your birthday festivities, or b) cognitively unavailable to do your work to finally succumb and do something your friends' have been asking you to do for awhile. That of course being finally starting a blog. No pressure, right? I think part of the resistance was because I think blogs are innantely totally self-absorbed. I mean you're putting something out there for people to read assuming that people even give a fuck.

So, as I'm sitting here in my office, with a rainforest of print-outs I should be reading sitting on my desk so I don't get fired after the fabulous holiday season, I decided fuck it, everyone has a blog, so why not? Clearly, I'm not functioning, I mean currently I'm so lazy that my left arm is using a pile of the printouts as a resting place. No. I know. I should have named this fucker lazy, but too late right. Whatever problems come with the name, and me hating the name are clearly going to come later which I can blame on the alcohol still being in my system.

Questioning is never a good thing. It means a lack of defense. It means the really, really important part of your brain that reigns you in from fucking yourself over is not running on anything, fumes be damned. Though some people, like my friend Charlie, weren't even born with that filter. You can see his Id working because there's nothing else going on. Gotta love the sonofabitch though as he is always a sure deal in having a good time. Plus, who the fuck else would I have to drink liver crashing amounts of Vodka with.

So I'm recovering from my semi-post-birthday-hang-over. It went well thank you. Who knew that mixing wine, with a dot of bourbon ginger, and Guiness, and oh yeah the free shot. Thanks cute bar crush, CBC for short of course! See, the inherent nature of blogs is to sound pretty smug! Who the fuck gives names to people? Well I'm trying to think of a code name for him. So this moniker may not last. I love my bar crush too, I mean would I even go to Nanny's if not for him? I think not. I digress of course. So I had my bad, this of course being trying to wake up this morning, and not leaving the house until 10:20, even though one of my favourite Golden Girls episodes was on, just for you GG lovers out there it was the one where Dorothy and Blanche go on Rose's morning show as mistaken lesbians...gotta love it, and not being able to find a taxi. The Good was getting to work, faking a meeting with Echo Boss, for she just recites Uber Boss without really knowing what is going on, and feeling fab thank you very much. I believe the fab part came from the rush of not being fired for being able to fake, and the poor man's moccachino I made with our crap coffee and a packet of hot choclate...I mean bouncing would be a good description. The Ugly is sitting here writing this blog with my head thumping, despite 3 Advil liquigels thank you very much, eyes throbbing, and being pretty confident that I have massive bags under my eyes.

And I think that the real festivities start in about two hours. Vodka here I come bitches!*

Fuck me.

*This of course coming when I'm clearly not totally packed and I've got to be on time to work tomorrow.


vr2020 said...

welcome to blogland :)

Happy birthday and drink one for me!

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that without CBC there would be no more Nanny's?

La Chat Noir said...

Hmmmm... Um, my friend, M1, and I give people names ALL the time. Not just in blogland. There's the Chocolate Jesus Lady, Sex Toy Connie, Braless Brenda, TGAFKAS (The Graphic Artist Formerly Known as Shawn) ... just to name a few...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

You know I give a fuck!

Good luck getting to work in the morning, girl, have a GREAT time tonight.

(YEEEEEEES, peer pressure won out again!! She got a blog!)

Caren said...

About Fucking time! And yours will be wayyyyy funnier than mine!