Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm Kylie Minogue's Bitch

I know. No. I know. It's bad, and embarassing, and really just should never be muttered, uttered, shouted and clearly not posted on the internet. But dammit, it's true.

Ever since she came out again with the catchy title, "Can't Get You Outta My Head," I become hooked on her singles. Every single slowly seeps into my consciousness until it's lodged and wil never be removed until I listen to it again. And pretty much the same cycle over again. Have I paid for a single yet? Thank god, no. I love them, but have usually found other people that have bought her music and had them burn it for me, or I record it onto my minidisc from the radio. And it usually happens when I come home to Germany for break because her videos are playing non-stop.

My latest love affair took one watching of the video. No. I know. The song, "I Believe in You," is awesome. Clearly fucking cheesy and I'm sure her vocals have been worked with, but the beat is catchy, and really, what is better than cheesy-lite techno?

The problem? Now I am almost thinking of subcumming to the pressure and actually buying the single. Or maybe the CD? I need to see if iTunes carries it.

I also want to say that in no other country can a man be dressed as a gay man in a video and still be seen as hitting on a woman. There is this awful video circulating rather regularly with the guy dressed in totally short running shorts from the '80s and legwarmers...LEGWARMERS people and dancing along with the aerobics class, don't ask, and as I said dancing with gay hip thrusts and whatnot to the song and presumably flirting with the teacher. It's awesome. The legwarmers that is. I had to check twice to make sure he was wearing them. Europeans fucking rock.

Now that I've admitted my dark Kylie love, and shut up you people trying getting her song out of your head, I feel free to actually purchase said music.


Caren said...

Thanks I now have that damn song stuck in my head...

Anonymous said...

karen, i'm bored (nicole says she's bored too). please entertain us DAMMIT! stop the german shopping sprees & think of your posse across the pond slowly going crazy.

desperately waiting for a new post...
nicole & alexandra

p.s. we hope you had a good christmas.

karen said...

Does this mean that you guys are together? Because if so, I hate you both!

Anonymous said...

nah, we were just wracking up free minutes with At&T/Cingular's free mobile-to-mobile. Yes, our mobile family has grown with this merger. I'm at work today. Needless to say, it sucks. Will I get any work done? Probably not. Heading up to NH for skiing tomorrow & VT on friday. Thanks for the entertainment. When do you get back?