Monday, November 21, 2005

like four square miles, right?

DC is a small fucking city. Granted, it's not four square miles, but it's pretty itty bitty teeny tiny. Especially if you consider how small it is to most major metropolitan cities. Plus? The area that most people usually traverse is usually more condensed. Like, yes, I already know Killer, you travel all around the district, but this is a rare fact.

This makes the not running into people thing a major surprise. Granted, most people do say how they are always running into someone they kind of know, or don't really want to see, or you know something along those awkward kind of run-ins. For the most part, this isn't true for me.

I'm usually the one all, 'yeah, that'd be cool to run into so and so...' Doesn't happen.

I believe what makes me more upset though, is when I know that a celebrity has been in town or is in town. Someone I wouldn't mind seeing, but obviously don't really give a damn enough about stalking. Or, sometimes I'm just that inefficient.

Most painful? George Clooney.

Who I guess was here rather often when filming "K Street," yes...the blink and you'll miss it series on HBO. Pretty tough to be cancelled that quickly, eh Georgie?

And I guess randomly here also. Doin who knows what, and who really cares. I think he'd be the only one I'd be interested in stalking. I mean we're not New York, we're not LA. Our celebrities are politicians, so when the 'real' celebrities are here and I miss them, I kind of am all, 'aw, that's too bad.'

So it seems that Angelina was in town again - which? With her UN stuff not that rare, but rare enough. But it's usually a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of visit without being in DC.

It seems she took her son to one of the Smithsonians this weekend.

And? Was seen house hunting with Brad Pitt.

Not only that, the photo snapped? Totally on one my bus routes.

It's the so close I could probably smell your after-shave if I wasn't at home trying to either do my homework or shake-off the alcohol and much stronger than needed cigarette the night before.

Hey, maybe if they move here I'll finally see her.

Because Angelina Jolie? Hot.

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