Sunday, October 26, 2008

i'm officially wrong.

So I believe that I might have mentioned quite some time back (clearly seeing as it has been quite some time since I last posted) that Killer suggested an artist by the name of Bon Iver, and I might have dismissed said suggestion.

Okay. Dismissed is a strong word - but essentially I wasn't blown away in any form or fashion. I listened to a few songs on his myspace page and moved on...because sometimes I start to think that I need to have a somewhat more distinguishing palate when it comes to music because I hate finding myself listening to my iPod and having to skip every other song because my reaction to said song is, "Meh." Clearly my affection for the song doesn't relate past two weeks.

It's not often I need to admit that I'm wrong - but I feel like I owe Killer one here. I recently discovered Bon Iver's song "Skinny Love" and I'm completely and totally in love with it and his voice. In my first swing with Bon Iver I couldn't quite tell if I loved his voice or hated it. Again, I acted too rashly and decided that I hated it. I'm now thinking of all of the time that I wasted on not listening to Bon Iver.

In a show of trying to make things right with Killer, I will openly admit where I discovered the song: an episode of "Chuck." No. I know. It's actually my newest find. It's rather entertaining television. Plus, I've had a mini-crush on Zachary Levi since he was on "Less Than Perfect." Don't ask. There are those hours sometimes where a show comes on and you just watch...or it may be that you have lingering love for an actor/actress from another show (coughPretendercough) and you try and like the show...and it's middling, and you feel sorry for all involved. Any. Way.

"Chuck" is an entertaining little show. Are there other shows that are on that I would prefer watching at the same time? Absolutely. I actually watch it on Hulu (even though it isn't as awesome as last year I do watch watch "Sarah Connor" and I've been in love with "How I Met Your Mother" since go. Killer can vouch that I introduced her to the Hulu it is). It seems like Josh Schwartz does a fantastic bang-up job of creating 'nerds'/'geeks' that are ridiculously adorable, charming, and cute. See: Seth Cohen on "The O.C." (I lost like a year to my obsession with Adam Brody. It was a bad scene. Well him and the show in general in the first year.) Chuck even looks a touch like a grown up Adam Brody and of course a touch like Josh Schwartz.

What magic Josh Schwartz brings to my TV (see also: Gossip Girl) is in part really only possible with his music/producing partner Alex Patsavas. I'm not sure if I've blogged about her and her awesomeness in the many years past of this blog (and I'm too lazy to search) but any emotion and moment in a show is either heightened (or I guess with a bad choice killed) with good music. I remember an article in the "Washington Express" in DC that I might have cut out (Fine. It had a picture of Adam Brody) that was expressly (pun intended!) about Alex and her music choices on the program and the fact that she was breaking a lot of bands on the program. Something about how after their appearance record sales of Rooney went drastically up (that was a choice I do not endorse). Not only is Alex amazing in her song choices - introducing me to a bevy of artists that I've since become obsessed with - but there is just something really awesome about how she is the music supervisor for so many programs and is a woman. She's totally my hero - if I could have a dream job, her's is totally one of mine. And what's pretty awesome is that after the OC, she became a producer on the JS programs as well. Not bad at all for a woman.

So thank you Alex Patsavas (scary fact: I know her name by heart and I know if it's a Schwartz show she's going to be the music supervisor. Good choice Schwartz!) for introducing so many artists to me and I'm officially blaming you for also making me lose hours of my time looking for the songs online, and listening to some songs over and over again.

So...short apology really long story: discover Bon Iver because he's awesome. Though not as awesome as Alex Patsavas.


alexandra said...

seriously, you just need to trust me when i tell you something is awesome. think of the 4 months you just wasted not in love with bon iver!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you know but, Bon Iver will be playing at Town Hall in NYC for two nights on 12/10 & 12/11.

The price is right: